They’re Here!!

So this post is about a month overdue….and I’m sorry. Life has really been a combination of monotonous (working away for 14 days at a time…) and AMAZING!!!! (finally seeing Steve and Jacob again). Picking each of them up from the airport was surreal. Jacob arrived two days before Steve, and it was quite late.

Tornado Terror

Yesterday started off like any other work day – 5am alarm, drag myself out of bed, throw on some clothes and drive to work. As the morning wore on, we started to hear reports of a really bad storm cell moving towards us and we began following it closely online.   Various weather watches were

Blog Updates – The Stars Apart

Well hello there everyone. I posted a poll on the Dear Finley facebook page awhile back asking for votes for a new title for the blog. I’ve been thinking about changing up the layout and making the blog more usable for all aspects of my life. Finley and his death will always be a large


For those who might have already read the post I made less than an hour ago, I took a comment out of context, and I feel horrible for it now. I decided to take down the post.

Type Your Heart Out – NaBloPoMo

I’ve decided to participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) for the month of November. The goal is to write a blog post every single day of the month. It is quite difficult at times to post every day, between working full time and other commitments. I want to try to keep to this task