Last weekend I took a roadtrip with my grandma down to Southern BC. She stayed with her sister in Cranbrook while I carried on to meet my friend Sheree and her mom where we stayed at her parents’ cabin in the mountains. It was the perfect opportunity to really give my camera some exercise. Sheree

A Letter to my Husband on Father’s Day

Dear Steve,   I know you will probably never read this letter, but I will write it just the same.   How very different this day should be for you. I know it’s not your first Father’s Day since becoming a dad, but last year we were barely holding on. I had only just gotten

New Year, New Hope

I’ve been sitting here for a couple of hours contemplating what to write about 2012. How can I possibly convey in words what that year has meant for me and for my family? There is a quote that instantly springs to mind, and I feel that it is more fitting in my life now than

Nine Months at Christmas (and Link Up)

Today I should have a 9 month old baby boy at home. We should be in Italy. I imagine that he would be crawling and getting into everything while we are trying to get all of the last minute preparations for Christmas complete. There would be a mound of presents under the tree that took