Wrapping up 2013

I had an entire month off of work for the Christmas period. It was so nice, and so relaxing. We spent Christmas with my family in our new home. I cooked a huge turkey dinner and we watched movies. Jacob dressed up like Santa. It was lovely. Finley’s photo took a prominant place on our

18 Months…

My dearest sweet little boy, How different life would look if you were here with me now…18 months is a super fun age. I see photos of friends kids who are near the same age as you would be and it still hurts. It will always hurt. If you were here, I imagine we’d just

57 more days!!

At the time of writing this, I currently am 57 days and 13 minutes away from seeing my husband and my staffy dog. I have a countdown on the main screen of my phone as a constant happy reminder. We’ve been apart for just over 6 months now, and have less than 2 months left

Justice for Finley

After doing some soul searching, I began feeling like I needed to pursue answers from all of the medical staff involved in my (and Finley’s) care before, during and after Finley’s birth. Since my update about Finley’s post mortem results, I have been in casual contact with my midwife, but nobody else regarding anything that occurred.