18 Months…

My dearest sweet little boy, How different life would look if you were here with me now…18 months is a super fun age. I see photos of friends kids who are near the same age as you would be and it still hurts. It will always hurt. If you were here, I imagine we’d just

Another Day, Another Milestone

Dear Finley, Today is the one year anniversary of me being released from the hospital. I was released early so that I could come and see you, even though you had already died. I was afraid to see you, afraid of what you would look like and how it would feel to hold you after

Happy Birthday Son

Dear Finley,   Today is your first birthday. You should have been here with us while we celebrated, and it was so incredibly sad to have to live through it without you.   I managed to have a lovely day. You are so incredibly loved and missed by so many people. I hope that you

Dear Finley and 8 Month Blog Hop

Dear Finley, Today I have a heavy heart. You should be 8 months old today. For some reason 8 months just sounds so grown up. You wouldn’t be a baby baby anymore. More like an almost toddler. Crawling, eating solids, laughing. But still mummy’s little boy. Always mummy’s little boy. I miss you with every