January 2013 Project Life Pages

I started working on Project Life just over a week ago, and so far I am loving it. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am doing 2014 as I go, and playing catch up on 2013 as well. I am so in love with this system of memory keeping, that I’m flying through 2013. I’m already 1/4 of the way done!

Some things I’ve learned from the pages I’ve created so far –

  • I like for the layouts to have a consistent, visually appealing aesthetic. I use the filler cards and embellishments to make it feel as if the photos go together, rather than just having photos and cards thrown into the pockets.
  • I like to trim photos down so that I can place them onto a colourful card to create borders and space for journalling.
  • I like to journal directly on to some photos.
  • I really like layouts with large photos that span multiple pockets.
  • Having journalling on the page helps bring the story to life – so I’m making more of an attempt to get creative with the journalling aspects.
  • I need to buy more 4×6 cards – even if they are just plain grid cards!
  • I really like some of the MAMBI pocket pages cards (but others are just not my style – I use the backs of the ones I don’t like for journalling or as a border for a photo that’s been trimmed down)
  • Embellishments really manage to bring all of the elements of a layout together – I need to get more!
  • Washi tape…I really didn’t know this stuff existed, but my stash is already getting huge!
January 2013 Project Life page 1
This was my first attempt at making a PL page. I though it was great at the time, but now I am thinking I might go back and change a few things!

January 2013 Project Life page 2
Really love this photo of Jacob bounding through the farmer’s fields near our old home in Winchester. He looks so happy and free, and the sun is starting to go down, so the lighting is so pretty.

January 2013 Project Life page 3
My third attempt at a page, and I wanted to try and bring quite a few elements of my trip together into one layout. I think I did an okay job, but there’s some things I would change now!

I absolutely love this page. It is simple, but beautiful. Fun times with Sharon on our trip to Ischia

I really wanted to showcase the brightness of the lemons that are so notorious of southern Italy. I did this buy using brightly coloured filler cards and journalling cards.

This page is quite photo heavy, but I think the photos go beautifully together and the two 4×6 cards tie it all together perfectly.

 January 2013 Project Life page 7
I love this page so much. I decided to make a page for Finley. I spent some time writing his name all along the beach in Italy. The cards from the PL 5th and Frolic kit fit perfectly. I actually cried while I was putting this together.

January 2013 Project Life page 8
I wanted to a huge print of the rainbow photo. We had visited Capua that day in the pouring rain, but when it stopped the sun came out and we caught a glimpse of this beautiful rainbow. I always think of rainbows as Finley’s way of saying hello.

January 2013 Project Life page 9
I chose the turquoise colour to go with the blanket that Jacob is snuggled in. I actually really like the way this page came together with the black and white embellishments.

January 2013 Project Life page 10
I love the red in this page. It pulls together the colour of the tomatoes and the light in the snow. This is just a mish-mash of the rest of my Italy trip and a round up of the rest of my photos from January.

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