They’re Here!!

So this post is about a month overdue….and I’m sorry. Life has really been a combination of monotonous (working away for 14 days at a time…) and AMAZING!!!! (finally seeing Steve and Jacob again).

Picking each of them up from the airport was surreal. Jacob arrived two days before Steve, and it was quite late. Poor little boy was in a crate for around 15 hours. They wheeled him to me in his massive crate and as soon as I said “JACOB!” we could hear his tail hitting the sides. When I finally let him out he was so happy to just be able to go to the bathroom. We went home and I showed him his bed and we had lovely snuggles and my heart almost ached with happiness.



The day after Jacob arrived, we went down to visit my bestie and her kids. We met at the off leash dog park so that Jacob and Kayla’s dog Roxy could meet on neutral ground. They had a blast chasing the ball together, and the weather was lovely. Jacob was relieved to finally expend some energy I’m sure. Kayla’s daughter O took a little while getting used to Jacob. She is used to Roxy who doesn’t pay children much attention, and Jacob is completely the opposite. We finally seemed to get it down to a science with the kids and the dogs though.



I left Jacob with Kayla when I drove to Calgary to pick Steve up at the airport the next day. It didn’t seem fair to make him travel any further or to leave him by himself. Steve’s flight was late getting in, and getting through immigration took forever. I started to get REALLY anxious and nervous to see him. And I waited and waited and waited. And he was texting me because he was getting bored of waiting in the queue.

And then he came out and it felt almost fake! But I was so happy. We drove back to Kayla’s house to see Jacob and had dinner there with them. And then I finally got to take both of my boys back to our new home (though at that point we still only had bedroom furniture).

More on this later!

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