Happy Blogoversary To Me and 15 Month Blog Hop

Yesterday was the anniversary of my very first post on this blog. One whole year of sharing my son and this journey with you all. Sometimes I can’t believe I survived it. I started writing as a way to get the anger and the sadness out. Nothing ever helped with the missing of my boy, but through my words and my story I found a community that has buoyed me up and along and helped to keep me grounded.

I honestly don’t know where I would be right now without you – yes you. The people who read my words and share their own, the people who offer up encouragement and advice and kinship. The people who abide with me through my grief and those who are also grieving. Those who don’t know the pain of losing a child, but are here trying to understand the huge rollercoaster that I (or maybe somebody else that you know) am going through.

I hope that my words and feelings have helped or inspired people along the way. I hope that this space has done for others what so many other blogs have done for me: offered a place of understanding and also of hope for the future.

I would love it if you would let me know in a comment or an email if this blog has touched you in someway. Share with me what it has meant for you to read about Finley’s life. Let me know if my words have helped you or comforted you or even given you an insight into a part of life that not many people are willing to acknowledge. It is so nice to receive encouragement and to know the positive things that this tragedy may be doing for others. Please please let me know.


And now for the blog hop. Fifteen months. Those words and that amount of time don’t even make sense to me. Time no longer passes in the normal way. It seems to go so fast, and yet it still feels like I was only just pregnant with Finley and expecting all of the joy and happiness that would come with his birth. It feels like just yesterday that his life and our future was torn away in an instant. And yet here we are.

Will you take a moment to link up and share your own journey of loss and love with us?


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7 thoughts on “Happy Blogoversary To Me and 15 Month Blog Hop

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve read your blog since the start. Finley was born the same time as my daughter. I thought about posting before but didn’t want to sound crass. You (and Finley) have made me appreciate her so much more. I cannot imagine the depth of pain you must feel and if it all feels a bit much some days for me I stop and remember you are without your boy right now and it gives me perspective. I hug her a little bit tighter and longer and for that thank you.

    I will always treat a baby loss mummy differently now. In the past I might have shied away for fewer of upsetting her but I will give the space and time to discuss her child the same way I do, however long he/she was with her.

    Thank you. I think you’re so brave, and although you will always have a Finley shaped hole in your heart know that he and you have imprinted good things into the hearts of others.

    • I appreciate you letting me know this. I never want to force myself on people, but I’m glad that my story can help put things in to perspective for people and perhaps help friends and family members of the babylost know how to help. It’s so difficult because everybody is different in how they cope in their grief, but my intention in writing this blog has always been to try and put myself out there as honeslty as possible.

      Thanks for the message xxxxxxxx

  2. Jen

    I’ve read your blog for almost 10 months now since I lost Luke, and I can honestly say that you were one of the first few bloggers I read about that made me feel less alone. And that matters so much on this journey. So thank you. For sharing and for putting yourself out there.

    • Oh Jen I’m so glad that you could come to this space and feel less lonely. I will never be glad that anybody finds there way here and can relate with the feelings, because that means that another baby has left too soon, but I am glad that I have encountered so many amazing people because of Finley.

      Thanks for letting me know :)

  3. Anonymous

    I stumbled upon your blog about 9 months ago. Reading your story broke my heart – your little “international” family and a husband in the service (something we have in common). I am not a babyloss community member, but like the above poster mentioned, through reading your story I feel like I am better educated and equipped to talk to babyloss moms that I might meet. My own mother lost a baby at 1 week old back in 1986 and her eyes still get wet every time she talks about her. I find your courage and strength utterly inspiring and I will continue to check in! Finley is very lucky to have such a wonderful, strong mother. xo

    • I am glad that other service families have come across my blog. I don’t know many people who have lost babies while they’ve been stationed abroad, and for me that was a big part of our story. I hope that in the future my writing and my experiences may help another family who encounter similar struggles.

      I’m so sorry about your sister. I’d be interested to know how you view your sister who died as a baby all those years ago. I can imagine that for your mom, that loss still feels as real now as it did at the time.


  4. I wish I’d found your blog before now! Following you now! <3

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