Miss You – Customizable Name Graphic

I have decided that it might be nice to do something for some of my lovely readers.
If you would like one of the following graphics, customized with your baby(ies)’s name(s), please just leave a comment below with the details.

babyloss miss you memorial graphic

Please like the Dear Finley facebook page and I will upload your photo to the Miss You Name Graphic album.


63 thoughts on “Miss You – Customizable Name Graphic

  1. Anonymous

    please could i have Joey. thank you <3

  2. Anonymous

    I would love one for my son Stephen Paul Welty

  3. I would love to have one for Samuel Evan. Thank you so much!

  4. Thats beautiful! I would love one for my son Lukas Noel.

  5. Anonymous

    Could I please have one for Maisie Rose

  6. I would love one for my daughter. Brook Lynn Shirk. Thank u so much, it means so much to know my angel baby is not forgotten.

    • Brook Lynn’s image has been uploaded to the album <3

  7. Molly & Grace please.
    Thank you Lisa xxx

    • Molly and Grace’s images have been uploaded. I also did a joint one for them xx

  8. Hi, I would love one to say:
    Medina babies
    Thank you so very much!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Could I please have one for Hanna Mckenzie thank you

    • Hanna’s image has been uploaded on the album now xx

  10. Anonymous

    May I Please have one for Austin Thank you Forever My Sweet Pea sent me

  11. Anonymous

    Rosalie Amelia… please and thank you

  12. Matthew Aiden, please :)

    • Hi Jennifer, Matthew’s image has now been uploaded <3

  13. I would love to have one made for our daughter Skylar Jean. Thank you

    • Hi Melissa, Skylar’s image is now uploaded to the album xx

  14. I would like to have one please for my daughter Aaliyah Patrice 6/2/08 -9/8/08

  15. Anonymous

    Can I have one for my son? Brandon Charles 8/5/10.

    • Brandon Charles’s image has now been uploaded xx

  16. Anonymous

    I would greatly appreciate if u did one for my son Jaden Noah Thigpen 5-31-06 to 6-02-2006
    Thank you so much!

  17. Anonymous

    May I have one for my son Luke Anderson 6/27/12? Thank you!

  18. Anonymous

    Jordan and Shiloh.
    Thank you so much!

    • Jordan and Shiloh’s images (including one of their names together) have been uploaded x

  19. Brooke Durfey

    Jameson Thomas Durfey
    Please and Thank you

    • Jameson’s image is now available on the album <3

  20. Anonymous

    my i have one for my daughter Andrea
    thank you

  21. Anonymous

    Would love one for my Declan Ty. Thank you so much!

  22. Anonymous

    Saersha Rose please.

    • Saersha’s photo is now available on the facebook album <3

  23. I’d love one for Laura please. Thanks Lisa xxxxx

    • Hi sweetie, Laura’s photo is now available for you xxxxxx

  24. Anonymous

    I would love to have one for Jonah Thomas. Thank you

  25. shell mummytoangellaila louise

    I would love one for my princess Baby Laila & Thank you so much

    • Hello Shell :) Baby Laila’s image has been uploaded for you xx

  26. Anonymous

    Hi, I’d love one for Brody Lennox.
    Thanks so much for doing this for our angel babys. I was referred here by “Forever my Sweetpea”.
    Shontelle Cargill :)

    • Hi Shontelle, Brody’s image has been uploaded xx

  27. Anonymous

    could I have one for my baby girl – Luka Pixie
    Thankyou xo Ashleigh xo

    • Hi Ashleigh – Luka’s image is now available on the album xx

    • Anonymous

      thank you xo

  28. If this offer is still open, could I have one for my daughter, Katelyn Elizabeth? Thank you so much!!! Allison

    • Hiya Allison, Katelyn’s image is now ready for you <3

  29. Ruby

    I would like one for my son Edgar Leopold. He would have been six months old today.

  30. Anonymous

    Hi There, I would love one of these for my precious wee man “Shase”. This is so generous of you – they are beautiful!
    Jenny Hooper xx

  31. Anonymous

    May I please have one made for my daughter?.Her name is Jenessa Lynn. Thank.you

  32. I would love to have one for my daughter, Clara Edith. <3 Thank you!

  33. Anonymous

    I would love one for our son “Jonah”

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