RIP Soldier

Today a man believed to be a serving soldier in the British Army was brutally attacked on a street in Woolwich, London in broad daylight. He was run over and hacked to death with machetes and meat clevers close to where he was thought to be serving at the Royal Artillery Barracks.
I myself am not British, but as a lot of you know, my husband serves in the British Army. This attack has taken me completely off guard, and has left me feeling incredibly unsafe. It seems absolutely unacceptable to me that a British man who chose to serve his country was not safe walking down the streets in Britain. It feels like not enough is being done to keep our serving personnel safe. They are being attacked in foreign countries by supposed allies while attempting to give independence back to the people there. They are being attacked on their home soil, where there isn’t a war going on. If our soldiers are not safe at home, then what is the point of any of the fighting?
Perhaps I’m allowing this to hit too close to home, but it scares me that this could have been my husband or the husband of one of my friends. It scares me that it could be somebody that we know, or somebody that our friends know. It terrifies me that our communities and people are being targetted by these extremists.
Looking through my facebook feed, there is post after post of comments, both by military families and civillian families. People are not happy and I don’t think that the British population are going to let it lie. Not that they should. This nameless soldier is one of them: Brit, son, brother, husband, friend. He is certainly somebody’s everything, and my heart is completely broken for those who will receive the news that this was their loved one.
I am well aware that it is impossible to blame a country or race or religion for these attacks. I know how incredibly hard it must be to differentiate between those who are innocent and those who are capable of committing such a heinous act on another human being.
I’m not much of a political person and I don’t care about what religion people follow or which race people are. We are all people trying to get by and make a life for ourselves. And yet it feels as though something has to give. It seems that more and more terrible things are happening every day, and people, I’m sure, are beginning to live in fear of what could happen.
Walk down the street – get hacked to death
Run a marathon – get bombed
Attend a Mother’s Day parade – get shot
Send your children to school – they die
Go to see a movie – shot to death from behind
Does nobody else find it absolutely appalling that nothing is sacred? Lives are being needlessly taken in the name of God or country. I know it’s so cliche, but why can’t we all get along? Live and let live. I don’t care if you want to worship your god or nature or your mobile phone, so why does it matter so much to others to be ‘right’?
Nobody is going to win this war. It’s not a battle that has a destinctive winner and loser. Everybody loses because it just carries on back and forth. You kill my brother, I’ll kill yours. An eye for an eye as one of the instigators of today’s attack said on video. But where do we draw the line? At what point do we value the lives of our loved ones enough to say enough is enough?
I have no answer, I don’t know. But today, I am sad.

Lest We Forget - British Flag


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  1. Wow. That’s crazy and scary.

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