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Well hello there everyone.

I posted a poll on the Dear Finley facebook page awhile back asking for votes for a new title for the blog. I’ve been thinking about changing up the layout and making the blog more usable for all aspects of my life. Finley and his death will always be a large focus of this blog, but I want to be able to share other aspects of my life with you all. I guess I just feel like this space is beginning to outgrow its name, as it has become more than just letters to Finley.

The new title for the blog is ‘The Stars Apart’. I have registered the domain ( and am working on giving the blog a bit of a makeover, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t get freaked out when things start looking a little (or a lot different).

I intend to transition as gradually as possible, so as not to confuse readers. All previous links will still work, they will just redirect to the new domain (so don’t worry if you have a link on your own blog or website).

I will still host the monthly blog hop for those of you who like to take part. I will still be sharing my heart and feelings regarding my son, and my journey towards healing and acceptance. And I most definitely will still be here sharing this road with all of you who ‘get it’.

Lots and lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Blog Updates – The Stars Apart

  1. Great name Lisa.
    I have updated on the Loss Through the Looking Glass links page x

  2. Thank you missus. Hope you are keeping well xx

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