In the early days of my loss while I frantically searched the web for things to read that would make me feel less alone and less crazy, I stumbled upon Still Standing Magazine. I love so many of the articles that are shared there. I count many of the contributors as acquaintances and even friends, though I’ve not met any of them in real life. It is such a healing place for loss parents to go.
On 19th April, I was very excited to have a piece that I’d written published over at Still Standing. It is a wonderful feeling, almost like affirmation from the community, that my words have some value to other parents suffering loss.
I’ll leave you with a link to the article in case you’d like to have a read.

Last Modified on February 8, 2018
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  1. Lisa, that was a beautiful article. I’ve been struggling with feelings of regret myself and trying to let them go. Thank you for helping me see that some regrets will always be there and are okay. Thank you.

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