What’s in a Name?

In the early days of my pregnancy, names were always a topic of discussion between myself and my husband. So many options were tossed around, but even before we found out we were having a boy, Finley was the first name we both agreed on. I’ve loved the name for years, and so it seemed a bit like fate when we found out Finley was a little boy at the 20 week ultrasound.

We pretty much had decided at that point, though there was still more discussing. Steve had a school friend on facebook who’s son was called Finley, and that kind of deterred him from the name a bit. But in the end the name was just too perfect for our first son and I always referred to him as Finley in my third trimester, and even in labour.

Deciding on a middle name wasn’t hard either. I really liked the name Harrison, but wanted to save it incase we had any more boys. Arthur is a name that I love, and Steve likes old English names too. With my huge fascination for British history, kings, and castles, Arthur seemed all too perfect. And I felt like Finley Arthur just flowed so well together (though this depends on the accent it’s said in…).

My family in Canada were unsure. Findlay is a surname here, which seemed odd to them. And Arthur just seemed to not thrill any of them, but Steve and I went with what we loved, and I’m glad for it.

And so we had our name. Finley Arthur Sissons.

By the time it came to register his birth, Finley had already passed away. I remember filling in the forms and feeling so incredibly sad that I wouldn’t get to use the beautiful name we’d chosen more often. I would rarely get to hear it on the lips of others. I would not get to shout it when trying to get his attention, or to use it when he was in trouble. I would not get to write it when registering him at school or the doctor. All of these things weighed so heavy on my heart. But the name was his and I would do my best to make sure that people knew who he was.

Since he passed away, I’ve learned the actual meanings of his names and they couldn’t be more fitting.

Finley – Fair Warrior – He was so fair, just like me. Fair hair, fair skin and blue eyes. And he was a little warrior. He fought so hard to stay with us. He stayed for three whole days even though he’d gone 30 minutes without a breath of air. Such a strong little man.

Arthur – Strong as a Bear – Again so fitting for my strong boy. And named for King Arthur who was a great king who ruled fairly and justly, considering his knights his equals at the round table.

Finley’s name is as much a part of him as his face like his daddy’s and his nose like mine. It was chosen with love and so much consideration, and I will continue to make him known and talked about until the day I am no longer here on earth. Please say his name to me. It means everything.

I’ve never written before about Finley’s name, it’s meaning or why we chose it, even though I’ve always meant to. This month The Journey over at Still Standing Magazine‘s link up theme is surrounding names, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to share with you.

3 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. A beautiful name for a beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing. I love hearing name stories, as there is always something so personal and full of love behind each one.

    In our case, we named our son in utero, and before even knowing he was actually a boy, in an affectionate homage to a long-gone relative. He came to inhabit that name fully, so that it became perfectly him, and once he died, and was born we couldn’t imagine giving him any other. I’ll stop by Still Standing to check out the discussion there. I’m speaking Finley Arthur’s name aloud, along with my boy’s, here in the UK.

  2. What a beautiful name for a beautiful little boy xxx

  3. It’s a wonderful name. I really understand the feeling of sadness over not being able to “use” the name. I think about that a lot, and have lately been trying to use our baby’s name as much as I can, to make it part of our everyday language and make hearing it hurt a little less.

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