Preparing for Finley’s Birthday

To all my wonderful readers, I apologise for what seems like a very extended absence, during which time I have written only a handful of entries. Life has been so up in the air for the last while that it has been hard to find the energy that I used to have for blogging. Though on that note, I am now settled for the meantime where I will be living until Steve joins me here in Canada and I’ve also been in my new job for 2 weeks now. Time seems to be passing quickly, which is good because it feels like forever and a day until I will be reunited with my little family.

On another note, I have a favour to ask of any of you who have followed Finley’s story and would like an opportunity to help make his first birthday special. Please take a moment to remember him on his birthday (Saturday, March 23rd). Some ways that I’ve thought of for people to do even something small are:

  • release a balloon (you could include his name or a letter to him)
  • light a candle
  • make a donation to his Just Giving page or another babyloss or children’s charity in his name
  • write his name – in the sand, snow, with blocks, with a pen and paper, or any other creative way that you can think of
  • write him a birthday card
  • send off a sky lantern
  • or any other way that you can think of
I have set up an event on facebook called Finley’s First Birthday for those who would like to join in there.
The only other thing I’d like to ask is that you share a photo and/or story of what you did to honour him. Feel free to also share ways in which his story and life have effected you and made you see things in life differently (for the better). You can share these via the event page on facebook or by email at

I have been contemplating a lot about how we would be celebrating Finley’s birthday if he were here. It would definitely have been a fun celebration with lots of family and friends, messy cake eating and decorations.

Thank you to everyone who is thinking of our family through this time. It’s strange to think that on this day last year, it was the last day where I was pregnant but not in labour. These memories and feelings are definitely bittersweet, but it is made so much better with the support of you all.

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