Eleven Months and a Quick Update

Eleven months. I know I say this every month, but I can’t figure out how time is still moving. How it moves so quickly. How have I gotten to this point, where the next 23rd of the month will be Finley’s first birthday? How can I face that?
I have been a fairly lousy blogger lately. Not very good at regular posting. The truth is I’ve not been feeling the same urgency to release everything that is going on inside of my mind recently. I think I’m learning how to cope with this new normal better than I was, and yet it still doesn’t hurt any less. Add that to all of the big, life changing things that have been going on with our lives recently and I’ve been pretty exhausted. 
I am all safe in Canada now with almost everything I need to do done. All that’s truly left is to find a job and then find a way to occupy myself for the 8 months while I wait for Steve and Jacob to join me here. I will post an update on everything very soon, and for now, I hope you will all take a moment to link up your blogs. I’ve been finding new blogs linking up each month and I love getting into contact with each one of you.

8 thoughts on “Eleven Months and a Quick Update

  1. Oh sweetheart, I know what you mean! Samuel’s first birthday is also coming up WAY too quickly. I’m at a loss for how it could possibly be almost here. Sending love and hugs <3

  2. I can’t get the blog hop link to show up right on my site! Any suggestions? http://allmypretty.wordpress.com/blog-hops/

  3. I can’t believe it’s almost Finley’s 1 year birthday. HUGS to you Mama.

    Also, I’m so glad your move went smoothly. Good luck finding a job!

  4. Have added my details and put the button on my blog.

    Thinking of you as you approach one year without your boy.

  5. It is so scary that it has come around so quickly doesn’t it, can’t believe that it is now only days away until it is Finlay and Rhianna’s birthdays. Such a long year, but also feels like it only happened yesterday much love xxx

  6. I also count, dread, honor and love the 23rd of every month. I lost my son, Avery on July 23rd 2012. I feel like it was yesterday and a million years ago. Time is so strange. I am comforted to know that I am not alone in this time warp. I send you my love and encouragement.

  7. Thinking of you Lisa. I can really relate as your are approaching the first year mark. I definitely will be making Finley a balloon and releasing it. I will take pictures to send to you. I will also post them on my website: http://wwwfittsiesangelbirthdayballoons.blogspot.com on the 23rd.
    Though you can never replace Finley or ever forget him, trying again is worth it. (((Hugs))) Gale

  8. Thinking of you as you approach Finley’s first birthday.

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