St. Catherine’s Hill Adventure

On Thursday we decided to take Jacob out for a walk. He was going a little bit stir crazy from being indoors. The weather was not exactly lovely, so we got suitably dressed and headed out.

Steve decided that he wanted to go to St. Catherine’s Hill. We had never been there before, but you can see it plainly from the M3 when driving towards Winchester from the south. It looks huge from the road.

It was raining when we left the car, and we began our journey. Jacob was SO excited and as soon as we let him off his lead he shot off, gleeful at the freedom. And it was at that point that we encountered the mud.

St. Catherine's Hill Winchester
Jacob and I climbing the massive staircase.

I quickly discovered that my six year old Etnies were not up to the challenge. Steve was decked out in his trekking gear from when he went to Peru and he didn’t struggle, but my feet were slipping out from under me every other step. When I lifted my feet, my heel was slipping out of my shoe and my shoe was staying put in the mud. It made for a ridiculous walk.
Eventually we neared the top, but we had to climb up a leaf strewn, muddy incline that was a little more steep than my shoes wanted to work with. I ended up on my bum which was hilarious. I was covered in mud – there were even splatters on my face. I managed to make it up the hill by holding on to tree roots to give myself some leverage.

St. Catherine's Hill Winchester
On my bum in the mud.
St Catherine's Hill Winchester
Finally at the top. Just a little bit muddy.

The view from the top was incredible. You could see Winchester in its entirety in the valley below. Despite the rain and mud, we had a wonderful time. Steve and I were laughing and Jacob had a massive grin on his face the entire time.

St. Catherine's Hill Winchester
Steve and Jacob at the top with the wonky tree.

2 thoughts on “St. Catherine’s Hill Adventure

  1. Sorry the shoes proved troublesome, but glad you had a great time regardless! Nothing wrong with getting a little dirty now and then. :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful adventure … especially BECAUSE of the mud!

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