My Heart Goes With You

My Heart Goes With You by Lisa Sissons
My love for you I can’t impress
On those who do not know
How it is to love a child
That you felt within you grow
Becoming a mother I admit
Has changed me to the core
I felt your life inside my own
And only wanted more
I halved my heart to share with you
Trusting in the good
And somehow looking back in time
I knew I always would
For you are mine, my sweet child,
I give you all of me.
I share my heart and share my soul,
My life with you complete.
But what happened when the half of me
That is you can’t stay alive?
Half my heart, it went with you,
It withered and it died.
I long for you, my heart so aches
For the one born out of love
To parents who so wanted you,
A lifetime never enough.
So how am I to carry on
When my heart is torn in two?
The world keeps turning, but what I know
Is that half my heart’s with you.

3 thoughts on “My Heart Goes With You

  1. Beautiful Poem.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful xx

  3. So sad and lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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