The Boy in the Green Jacket

Over the weekend, Steve and I went into town like we often do. We were walking up to the barber shop so he could get his haircut when we heard frantic shouting.


My heart sank, and the words “oh no” escaped my lips. There were loads of people looking around, the father was carrying one of their other children looking desperately in every direction, running and searching. The mother was shouting his name and I could see her fear and pain plastered so obviously on her face.

My pulse quickened and I could feel myself heating up. I was fighting back tears. We needed to find him.

Nearly as quickly as it started, a man came darting up the hill with a little boy wearing a green jacket in his arms. Sammy was found and the relief was palpable.

It was everything I could do not to start sobbing in the middle of the street. You realise in moments like that how horrible it is when a child is lost. I could see and hear the fear in the faces and voices of those parents. They were afraid of what happened to me happening to them. They were afraid for their child.

Luckily he was returned to them, no harm done. We unfortunately were not so lucky.

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  1. Anonymous

    Heart-breaking. I hope that you find the peace to continue to love life, your beautiful boy would want that for you. It is never that we shall forget, but remember with hope and love.

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