Capture Your Grief 2012

A couple of months ago now, Carly Marie over at Project Heal came up with a wonderful idea for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month (October). The idea of Capture Your Grief was to take a photo a day for the entire month. Each day had a specific photo prompt.

I spent the month taking photos and thinking about which photos I would post. A lot of people posted a photo a day, but I decided to save them all up and post them as an album. I’ve shared some photos here that I’ve not shared online before. Specifically the one of Finley my husband hasn’t and doesn’t want to see as he wants to remember him as he was when he was alive, so please be sensitive if you know him.

Without further ado…I present Capture Your Grief 2012.

Capture Your Grief - Sunrise
Day 1 | Sunrise
I snapped this photo just as the sun was coming up over the hill while I was stuck in traffic on the way to work.
Capture Your Grief - Before Loss Self Portrait
Day 2 | Before Loss Self Portrait
This is the day my waters broke and I went into labour. I knew that I was at the most a day or so away from finally meeting my first born, my son, my Finley. I was so happy and so excited.
Capture Your Grief - After Loss Self Portrait
Day 3 | After Loss Self Portrait
This was when I finally got to hold Finley properly for the first time. I had to say hello and goodbye all at the same time. This photo was taken less than a week after my Before Loss Self Portrait.
Capture Your Grief - Most Treasured Item
Day 4 | Most Treasured Item
It was too hard to pick just one. This is the blanket we bought him with the hippos on that says Daddy Loves Me. The two blankets I wrapped him in. His footprints. His birth certificate. His lock of hair. The name tag that was on his incubator in the NICU. The booties and hat I put on him. The cardigan I spent hours learning to knit for him and finally finished just days before he was born. The first baby grow we bought for him before we even knew he was a boy. And of course the little teddy urn that holds his ashes.
Capture Your Grief - Memorial
Day 5 | Memorial
I got this tattoo in Finley’s memory. The footprints are his and they are true to size. I love seeing it as a daily reminder of his life and how perfect he was.
Capture Your Grief - What Not to Say
Day 6 | What Not to Say
Everything happens for a reason. Please don’t say this to me, because I can’t see a reason for why my son had to die when he was perfect. I find this saying hurtful and a bit shallow as though the person saying it is just spewing out crap because they don’t know what else to say. But please remember that saying anything, even if it’s wrong, is better than saying nothing at all.
Capture Your Grief - What to Say
Day 7 | What to Say
Say his name. Say Finley. It brings happiness to my heart.
Capture Your Grief - Jewellery
Day 8 | Jewellery
I wear these bracelets and necklace all of the time. One bracelet is from the first support group I attended at home in Canada called HEARTS and the other is from my Sands group. The necklace was given to me by my best friend in the world on Mother’s Day.
Capture Your Grief - Special Place
Day 9 | Special Place
Naples, Italy. The place where I was pregnant. The place where Finley was born. The place where Finley died. I took this photo in Pompeii of Mount Vesuvius which is sort of a universal image of Naples.
Capture Your Grief - Symbol
Day 10 | Symbol
Sweet peas. When I was in early pregnancy my pregnancy/birth forum created a facebook group called Sweet Pea Club. Sweet Peas are the flower for the month of April when Finley was due. Ever since I think of him as my little sweet pea.
I didn’t take this photo, the credit goes to Catherine at Gabriel’s Garden.
Capture Your Grief - Supportive Friends / Family
Day 11 | Supportive Friends / Family
I have had a LOT of people who have supported me through this time. But the number one person has to be my husband Steve. I chose this photo because he’s doing the ‘crazy eyes’ that he likes to do when he’s trying to make me laugh.
Capture Your Grief - Scents
Day 12 | Scents
The little star covered receiving blanket that Finley was wrapped in still smells of him. Or maybe I just like to imagine that it does.
Capture Your Grief - Signs
Day 13 | Signs
I’m not sure I believe in signs, but every time I see a rainbow I think of Finley. I took this photo out the window at work.
Capture Your Grief - Community
Day 14 | Community
This is a candid photo that was taken at a balloon release event that I organised for my local Sands group. They have been such an amazing support for me.
Capture Your Grief - Wave of Light
Day 15 | Wave of Light
At 7pm on 15th October, I lit Finley’s candle in his memory and for all babies gone to soon.
Capture Your Grief - Release
Day 16 | Release
I organised a balloon release event for my local Sands group for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. It was a beautifully sad day and I’m grateful to all of the families who came out.
Capture Your Grief - Anniversary / Birthday
Day 17 | Anniversary / Birthday
On Finley’s half birthday friends and family around the world lit candles in his memory. I was in awe of how many people were thinking of us.
Capture Your Grief - Family Portrait
Day 18 | Family Portrait
This is the best photo we have as a family. I wish that we had a normal, happy one with Jacob in it.
Capture Your Grief - Project
Day 19 | Project
I spent hours working on this prayer flag that I sent to Australia for Carly Marie’s October 15th ceremony. I love it so much and am tempted to make another for myself to keep. The elephant and hippo are from the jungle theme we had in Finley’s nursery.
Capture Your Grief - Charity / Organization
Day 20 | Charity / Organization
I’ve found comfort in fundraising for Sands in Finley’s name. The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity has been a huge lifeline and support for me.
Capture Your Grief - Altar / Shrine / Sacred Space
Day 21 | Altar / Shrine / Sacred Space
This is a shelf in our living room where I keep Finley’s photos and urn, along with other family photos. I like to keep him included with the family.
Capture Your Grief - Place of Care / Birth
Day 22 | Place of Care / Birth
This is the US Naval Hospital in Naples. This is where I had my prenatal care and this is where Finley was born (though not where he died). It is also where I was cared for after my post-partum hemorrhage. I have a lot of good and bad memories of this place.
Capture Your Grief - Their Photo
Day 23 | Their Photo
I’ve not shared this photo on the blog or facebook before. It is my favourite photo of Finley. It was taken very shortly after he passed away and I think he looks so peaceful and perfect. My husband hasn’t seen these photos as he would like to remember Finley as he was when he was alive.
Capture Your Grief - Siblings
Day 24 | Siblings
Finley doesn’t have any human siblings. But this is our dog Jacob, who is like another child to us. Jacob used to cuddle up to my bump when I was pregnant. We always used to tell Jacob he was going to be a big brother.
Capture Your Grief - Baby Shower / Blessing
Day 25 | Baby Shower / Blessing
We didn’t have a baby shower. It’s not a big custom in the UK, and my Canadian family and friends were so far away. We were very lucky to have received some lovely gifts though. These are a couple of baby grows that I got from a friend in Canada. I’ve kept every gift that we were given for him.
Capture Your Grief - Their Age
Day 26 | Their Age.
Finley was 3 days old when he passed away from complications of the brain damage he suffered due to a lack of oxygen during a traumatic delivery.
Capture Your Grief - Artwork
Day 27 | Artwork
Angie from Still Life with Circles made these Mizuko Jizo’s for International Kindness Day. I was lucky enough to receive one. It sits next to Finley’s Urn.
Capture Your Grief - Memory
Day 28 | Memory
This was the moment I saw Finley for the first time. I only held him briefly while he was still alive. You can see by how my hand is on his head that I was afraid that I would hurt him. I was being so gentle.
Capture Your Grief - Song
Day 29 | Song
I have about a million songs that I associate with Finley, but Small Bump by Ed Sheeran is the most significant for me.
Capture Your Grief - Your Grief, Tell the World
Day 30 | Your Grief, Tell the World
I wrote this in a journal that was given to me by a friend’s mom who had experienced a full term stillbirth. I’d say she was one of the big influences in me starting this blog.
Capture Your Grief - Sunset
Day 31 | Sunset
This photo was taken in a farmer’s field not far from our home.

12 thoughts on “Capture Your Grief 2012

  1. Anonymous

    Lisa I am from the baby centre April birth club. I read your blog often and it always makes me cry. I cannot begin to imagine what you go through every day but your blog gives me a tiny insight into your journey. My thoughts are with you and Finley and I wish you peace and happiness for the future.

    Jane x

  2. Found you through BlogHer … this is heartbreaking.

    I’ve buried my father, my brother, my husband … my daily prayer is that I never have to bury one of my children.

    Wishing you a measure of peace today … Alicia

  3. Hey, I’m from the Baby Centre Infant Pregnancy and Infant Loss group. Your photos are beautiful. I love the one you have put up of Finley looking so peaceful. My husband is the same. He doesn’t like looking at the pictures of the twins after they had passed as he would rather remember them alive. I love looking back at all of our memories. I also totally agree with you hating people saying “Everything happens for a reason” I do to along with “It’s all in God’s plan” They are my 2 least favourite responses!!!
    Anyway your blog is fantastic, it is a real comfort to me seeing how other people manage (my boys died at 6 days old) and it is a real credit to you and your love for your little boy that you can write so movingly about him!

  4. Such beautiful photos, Lisa! Thank you for sharing your sweet boy. I hope you found CYG to be healing for you…I know I did.

    Love and hugs,
    Hannah Rose

  5. Beautiful photos and such a beautiful baby boy.

  6. Finley is such a cute little Baby Boy , my thoughts are with u and Finley xx

  7. JZ

    Wow Finley is so gorgeous! You have such a handsome son and I hope he visits you in your dreams.

  8. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. He was such a beautiful boy.

  9. I saw this linked on Twitter.

    Finley was perfect. There was no reason, there could be no reason.

    I am so sorry that you are going through this but your blog is truly beautiful, and I am sure wherever he is Finley knows that he is a most loved little boy.

    Love and prayers


  10. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo album of Finley. He is a beautiful boy. I have a little girl in heaven, and I am thinking about doing a “Capture Your Grief” project this October. I did a search for examples from last year and found lovely Finley. Thank you and blessings to you and yours.

  11. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo album of Finley. He is a beautiful boy. I have a little girl in heaven, and I am thinking about doing a “Capture Your Grief” project this October. I did a search for examples from last year and found lovely Finley. Thank you and blessings to you and yours.

  12. I have, through your project, just shared it with the world and it feels good. My grief is such now that I am not ashamed of myself and my loss. Thank you, you have helped me heal a little bit more.

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