The Making of Harry Potter – Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Last weekend I went with my sister-in-law Sadie to the Harry Potter studio tour in London. It was absolutely amazing! So much so that I had a very hard time picking and choosing which photos to share here. I chose a few, and they don’t even show the half of what we saw.
I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since before the movies. I’ve been to several midnight book releases. I have posters and more paraphanelia than you can imagine.
I would recommend this tour to anybody with an interest in the series or even just in film making.
The tour for me started before we even got inside the studios. The excited anxiety was building. There were statues of some of the chess pieces and big movie photos outside.

entrance to Harry Potter studios
Me getting ready to go in.
I was SO excited.
When you get inside, the soundtrack from the films is playing. There are photos everywhere you look. You get into a huge queue, where when you get near enough to the front, you get to see THE cupboard under the stairs.

Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs
Harry’s cupboard under the stairs.
This was outside the studios while we were queuing.
They only let so many people enter at a time (when you purchase your ticket, it has a time assigned to it). When you enter you go into a bit cinema type room where they discuss some of the books and the films. The show clips of interviews, etc. And then the screen rises up to reveal the doors to Hogwarts and they are huge!
When you go through the doors, you enter the great hall, complete with house tables, table settings, and the professors at the top of the room. There are actual film props everywhere. There are even REAL flagstones used on the floors.

Hogwarts. Great Hall.
This was at the head of the Great Hall.
It was the first part of the actual studios we entered.
Once you exit the great hall, you go into a massive open room that has several sets, costumes and props. Basically I was in heaven. Before you leave this part of the tour, you get the opportunity to go and sit in front of a green screen where you can ride in the flying Ford Anglia, and ride a broomstick. And of course there is the option to buy photos of this at the end of the tour.

Dumbledore's spiral staircase. Hogwarts.
The spiral staircase leading to Dumbledore’s office.
There is an outdoor portion of the tour where you get to drink some Butterbeer (it’s really good), see the Knight Bus, sit in the flying Ford Anglia, see Number 4 Privet Drive, walk across the Hogwarts bridge, and see the house that Harry’s parents lived in (complete with the blast hole in the roof).

Harry Potter. Knight Bus.
The Knight Bus. It really was triple decker.
Hogwarts bridge
On the Hogwarts bridge

Number 4 Privet Drive
Number 4 Privet Drive.
Harry Potter. Butterbeer.
Sampling some butterbeer. It was yummy.
flying Ford Anglia. Magic. Mr Weasley.
Driving Mr Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia.
You then enter another studio, where you get to walk down Diagon Alley (with all of the real shops), see some of the models of sets, and some artist’s drawings that inspired the films. And then you walk into the room with the MASSIVE model of Hogwarts. That was definitely my favourite part.

Ollivander's. Diagon Alley.
Ollivander’s Wand Shop
The entirety of Diagon Alley was there in all of its glory.
Model of Hogwarts that they used for filming.
I didn’t know this existed. Seeing it took my breath away.
And then at the very end, you enter the gift shop where there is more Harry Potter paraphernalia than you could ever imagine. The only thing I bought was the official guide book, but I couldn’t resist trying on a set of robes!

Hogwarts robes
Trying on some wizard’s robes.
I think they suit me. Let’s go to Hogwarts!
The making of Harry Potter. JK Rowling quote.
We saw this screen on our way out of the studios.
A perfect quote by an amazing author.

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