Seven Months and Spoken Word Blog Round-Up

So today is seven months since Finley died. I did write him for a letter, but I’m sharing it slightly differently this time.

Angie from over at Still Life With Circles is hosting her second Spoken Word Blog Roundup. Basically everyone is supposed to choose a post they’ve written this year to read out as a video blog.

Forgive me if I sounded completely ridiculous…I tried recording it about 20 times. I didn’t realise how hard it was to speak on video and not sound like an idiot.

7 thoughts on “Seven Months and Spoken Word Blog Round-Up

  1. romney westwood

    you don’t sound like an idiot :) you sound like a very caring mother grieving for her baby, Finley is very lucky to have a mummy like you………..I’m sorry but i simply don’t get the phrase “he’s in a better place” what better place could he be but in your arms? he’s in an ok place, a happy place… but the better place will come later when you are reunited with him, when you can finally hold him forever and not for “just a while” xxx

  2. Becca F

    Oh Lisa Sweetheart, that is lovely and you most certainly don’t sound ridiculous. I’m glad that even though you may not believe in life after death you found what your friend told you reassuring. Thoughts are with you both on what must be a difficult day. XX
    Becca (SweetPea)

  3. Hi Lisa, I’m here after following your link from Angie’s blog. I’m so sorry your beautiful boy is not safe in your arms.
    This video is lovely, you certainly do not sound like an idiot.
    Sending you love, thank you for sharing. x

  4. Great great big hug…. thank you for sharing! I wouldn’t have had the courage to video myself. (infact I didn’t ;)).

  5. Jen

    “how can you be happy when your baby is dead” — i feel this often – i feel the guilt also. but i know they would want us to keep putting one foot in front of the other. as hard as that is, i am trying. i believe in mediums and i do think your son came through to give you that message. xo

  6. I’m here from Angie’s SWBRU.
    You are a beautiful mother
    Happy we was alive, happy he *is* your son…all wrapped up in the horrible feeling that he is still gone. Always missing.
    I know it very well.
    I send love to you

  7. This is lovely, and how nice to see you and hear your voice even though I wish it was due to other circumstances. I’m struggling with finding the balance as well, it was definitely odd to feel happiness again. But take the good days when they come, your son wouldn’t want it any other way. Hugs.

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