A Joyful Day

Today I had a wonderful day. It wasn’t a special day and we didn’t do anything extraordinary, but it felt lighter than I have felt I a very long time.
I spent months of my pregnancy being sick and I was grumpy because of it. And instead of experiencing the joy I should have felt at being a new mum, I was left in shock and despair while mourning for my son.
Today my husband and I spent the morning tidying the house. I was in a good mood. We then got ready and went into town. We had a lovely lunch, did some shopping, had a coffee and then did our weekly food shop. We laughed together. We were able to speak about Finley without tension. I felt joy at being with my husband whom I love, and I felt like my old self. I was truly able to see the good and be thankful for it.
I needed a day like today. So often the sad and overwhelming negative feelings prevail. But today gave me hope for a future where we can be happy while remembering Finley and keeping his memory alive.

Last Modified on January 16, 2018
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3 thoughts on “A Joyful Day

  1. Romney

    I Hope you have many more day’s feeling “lighter” you will, there will alway’s be days of dispair and longing, but the good day’s are always there ahead of you, waiting for you to enjoy them xxx

  2. I’m so glad to read this Lisa. There will always be a part of you deeply changed after losing Finley, but he will always be in your heart and you will be able to enjoy life again whilst coping with your grief. I hope the balloon release goes well today – it will be emotional, but a beautiful way to remember the little lives lost too soon. I’ll think of Finley too when I light Daisy’s Wave of Light candle.

    Debbie x

  3. I am so glad that Steve has you. You are perfect for him. X

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