Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday seems to be a fairly common theme for bloggers. I’ve never taken part, but today seemed like as good of day as any to try and remember the good things in my life. I find it too easy to get consumed in my grief, feeling sorry for myself, and generally feeling pretty crap about life. I hope to spend at least a little time each week to reflect on the things I can be thankful for.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. Cicero

I’m thankful for:

  • My family – My wonderful and supportive husband who I love very much. My sweet staffie Jacob who never fails to put a smile on my face. And of course for Finley who brought so much love into my life even though he couldn’t stay with us.
  • The fact that I have the skills and knowledge to get promoted at my new job after only four days.
  • The lovely dinner we had with my sister-in-law and her partner this evening.
  • The lush warm snuggles that Jacob is giving me now as I type.
  • A nice warm house to live in, with a big comfy bed to sleep in. Especially now that it’s getting so chilly in the evenings.
  • All of the wonderful friends and supporters I’ve met since Finley passed away and since I started the blog.
  • I thought the following image was a nice testament to the wonderful people in my life, since I know I have been so focused on the ones who have let me down recently.


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    2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    1. Love it! What is a staffie by the way?

    2. Anonymous

      I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through, I think you’re an amazing woman in that you are string enough to write this heartfelt blog everyday. I have a premature baby myself, he was born at 30 weeks weighing just 925g, he has survived but we lost him at one point, thankfully the doctors were able to bring him back after 5 mins, but those 5 mins felt like a lifetime. It’s something that will stay with me forever. This experience only allows me to feel a fraction of what you must be feeling and that is hard enough.
      I hope that you can stay strong and stand up for little Finley and also that someone is made responsible for what happend to your gorgeous little boy.
      Love and best wishes

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