LFCA Community Discovered

The other day I stumbled upon a blogroll on Stirrup Queens dedicated to ALI (adoption, loss and infertility). I requested to be added.
Yesterday I noticed a huge spike in readers, and discovered that the majority of them came from LFCA (Lost and Found and Connections Abound). I did not know that this community existed, but it aims to provide support for bloggers in the ALI community. A weekly newsletter is published that shares news pertaining to the bloggers lives.
Basically it is a lovely way to share your blog and communicate with other bloggers who are going through similar situations. Go check it out :)

One thought on “LFCA Community Discovered

  1. I am so sorry for your loss of Finley.

    I too found the ALI community via Mel’s Stirrup Queens and LFCA. It’s a great place to be and meet new people.

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