15 Items to Keep in Your Baby’s Memory Box

Since I have a lot more readers recently, I thought it would be nice to share some ideas for items to keep in a memory box.
I have several items put aside for Finley’s, though I haven’t managed to find a box that is big enough for everything I’d like to keep in it. If anybody knows of somewhere that makes very nice, quite large, wooden boxes, I’d be grateful for a recommendation. I wouldn’t mind it being lined either, though that’s not a necessity.
  1. Birth and Death Certificates
  2. Hand and footprints
  3. Locks of hair
  4. Pregnancy photos
  5. Photos of places visited/holidays while pregnant
  6. Ultrasound photos and videos
  7. Medical records
  8. Hospital bracelets
  9. Clothing worn by your baby
  10. Toys, books, colthing, etc. bought for your baby
  11. New baby cards
  12. Gifts you received for your baby
  13. Items from your baby shower if you had one
  14. Condolence cards
  15. Items you received in memory of your baby
These are just a few ideas, though the possibilities are endless. If you have other ideas not listed, please list them as a comment or email me at dearfinleyblog@gmail.com. If you like this blog, please follow me on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The links are on the right hand side.

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