Sad at Someone Else’s Happiness

So today I was at a coffee morning where you get to meet and chat with other military wives. So far I have met a lot of lovely ladies here who have been super supportive.

During this gathering one of the ladies announced that she was now a granny. Her daughter in law had just given birth a couple of hours earlier.

Whilst everyone got very excited and started congratulating her, I burst into tears.

I couldn’t get it out of my head that we never got to have that happy moment. The one where we get to share the happy news with family, friends and anyone else who will listen. Where we get to show off our gorgeous boy and have everyone tell us how cute he is. And he was beautiful.

The only way I get to share him now is through pictures, stories, showing the few items of his we have left. And that’s only with the people who want to listen. Some people can’t handle hearing about it or even being around me and my husband.

Why should we be punished even more? And in some instances by people who mean a lot to us. If I decide to share my son with you, it is because I trust you and feel safe with you. Please just be there for me. I don’t mind if you get upset or cry. It means you care.

I want Finley’s life to be remembered. I want nothing more than for it to mean something.

2 thoughts on “Sad at Someone Else’s Happiness

  1. Anonymous

    Your son will be remembered through you. Keep talking about him and sharing him with friends, family and strangers. I share my son’s story with anyone who will listen. It makes me feel good to talk about him. Finley was a very special little baby and it may not feel like it now, but you were lucky to be chosen as his mommy. If you let him, he will change your life for the better in many ways. I’m a better mom and person because of my son. Turn to your loved ones for support when you need it, don’t try to get through this alone.

  2. I don’t know who you are, but thank you for the post. Sometimes I feel like everything I do is pointless – it won’t bring him back. But of course I want to share him. He was here, he was perfect and he was mine.

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